Why Hortiware?

Sustainability is the starting point

We focus on quality and sustainability and see that higher start up costs do pay off and lead to significant savings by the end of the year. For each product we consider whether or not the chosen application and products are the right ones.


Our products save you time and money

We don’t just want to sell – our aim is to sell products that allow the customer to achieve higher yields and save costs.


Always the newest developments

Years of experience, including soil cultivation, substrate horticulture and the application of technology in practice, ensures that we can say that we have a good deal of knowledge and are up to date on the latest developments in horticulture.


A solution for everything

We have a practical and pragmatic way of going about things, which allows us to make connections quickly and think of creative solutions.


The Tom-System

Thé sustainable binding system

Mini WKK

Generate your own electricity

Cleaning the drip system

Cleaning while in production

Measurement equipment

EC and Ph measurement

Crops experience less stress

The Tom-System; the binding system with which you save 40% on your labour costs.


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