Our product range

The Tom-System

The best alternative for binding your crops

The Tom-System is a binding system with which plants can be attached to strings. We use The Tom-System for green fruiting crops such as cucumber, tomato, aubergine and paprika. It is also now being used in the production of decorative crops such as ficus, potcymbidium and other pot plants. The Tom-System has been put into the market with great succes by Hortiware. It is a success because of large savings in labour and waste disposal costs and the plants are less stressed by the process.

Mini WKK

Generate your own electricity

A ‘WKK’, a power and heat generator, is a machine which allows you to generate your own electricity. This stand alone device is self supporting and is connected via a separate power connection, and via heat exchanger to the heating system. With a not too substantial investment one can quickly achieve an effeciency of 95%.The technology of the WKK is quite complex and how it works is dependant on various situational factors. We go through this in an individual meeting so that we can calculate the efficiency and return in each specific case.

Cleaning the drip system

Cleaning while in production

If your drip system is blocked, the water delivery uneven, there is a failure in the pipeline, or infections are present; these are all problems with serious consequences. Hortiware has built up considerable experience over the years in the cleaning of water drip systems. We test and clean systems so that your crops are sufficiently and evenly watered. This work requires a specific approach. Contact us for advice tailored to your specific business.

Measurement equipment

EC and Ph measurement

Measuring is knowing. Measurement ensures that you kan intervene and steer processes. For example temperature, or salinity measurement. We supply a broad assortment of equipment for various measurement tasks; EC and Ph measurements, infrared meters and brixmeters. We also deliver adjustment fluids and various test strips for, amongst other things, chlorine measurement. We stock dataloggers with which you can record temperature and water vapour saturation. Repair of manual measurement equipment is also available.

Ethylene blocker

Quality during transport

Hortiware has included the ethylene blocker in its product list to meet demand for the safe transport of products. The ethylene blocker is added to the packing during the packaging process and preparation for transport. It absorbs ethylene and delays the ageing process. Dosing of the blocker is the same for all products (large or small) so the safety of each transport is ensured and all products are delivered to the end customer with the desired quality.

Roof screen & Apex seal

Protect your crop

A coated, fire retardant, woven screen has been developed to do the all important job of controlling lighting, humidity and temperature in the greenhouse. During winter we can make optimal use of the sun and the light, but at the same time we ensure the cold is kept outside. This is good for growing and saving you energy. We can also advise on block-out screens to reduce the artificial lights. A screen in the angle of the roof is used to direct the airflow in the greenhouse. The windows in the angle of the roof are closed and this influences the airflow in the greenhouse. It stops the airflow creating an even temperature in the layer of air underneath, influencing the greenhouse below. With this product range we work closely with an established installation business. We deliver the screens, replace the screens, renovate existing installations or install apex seals.

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