The Tom-System

The Tom-System is a binding system with which plants can be attached to strings. We use The Tom-System for green fruiting crops such as cucumber, tomato, aubergine and paprika. It is also now being used in the production of decorative crops such as ficus, potcymbidium and other pot plants. The Tom-System has been put into the market with great succes by Hortiware. It is a success because of large savings in labour and waste disposal costs and the plants are less stressed by the process.

Hortiware has a great deal of knowledge about clipping and binding crops. We intriduced the Tom System into the market a few years ago because we see it as a sustainable alternitive to the use of plastic. Since then the market has confirmed this vision, as evidenced by the number of satisfied customers.

The machine clips rings around the plant an the string which holds the plant up. The big difference when compared with other binding systems is on the one hand the material (metal) and on the other hand the fact that the ring is clipped to the string which maintains its position and keeps the plant properly in balance.

The system works with a pin in combination with spring balance and a counterweight. The machine can be set to the correct hight and strength, ensuring that repetative strain injury of the wrist can be avoided.

Growers have no problem with disposal of waste plant material when they use the rings for the Tom-System. Waste costs are noticeably lower, because rings can easily be removed from the plant waste using a magnate. And because it is easy to separate the rings, we get re-useable material.

*Reduction of waste costs
*Minimum labour cost saving of 15-20%
*Less rings are needed compared with other systems (there is no need for boxes in the aisle)
*Simple to use

For which crops do we use The Tom-System
We use the Tom-System for both flower and fruiting crops. For flower growing the system is used for pot cymbidiums and ficusses. We are currently investigating other possibilities for flower growers. The fruiting crops for which the system is currently used are: tomatos, cucumbers, paprikas, aubergines and also the bio/eco grower and the traditional cucumber growers.

Trial run
If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us. We can share our success stories and bring you up to date with what we have achieved for your type of crop using The Tom-System, and show you what it can mean for you. We can offer the opportunity to test the system on a small area. This is often sufficient for you to make a quick decision for the Tom-System. Here you can see a demo of the machine.

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