Working together to get more out of horticulture

Hortiware believes in the Horticulture Industry. But there are many areas still ripe for innovation so that the Dutch Horticulture Industry can maintain its advantage over the rest of The World. We maintan our nimbleness and energy through daily contact with existing and new relations, which constantlt allows us to discuss and develop new ideas and products.

Society, and that means the consumer, is increasingly interested in what the Horticulture Sector is doing to produce in a more sustainable way. So together with our relations we ensure that for all enquiries we receive, quality and sustainability are foundations for our approach.

We are currently busy with various market parties looking for customer friendly solutions based on a high degree of innovation. There is progressively more demand from the market that we think along with the processes, developments and products. Despite the fact that we are a young business, customers recognise that we have a good deal of know-how and practical ability in house which earns us the trust to be allowed to participate in projects.

Hortiware is a young business, but has no less than 30 years of experience in horticulture. Over the years we have built up a large network in the vegetable and flower sectors. A network that consists of specialists, suppliers and transporters who are all allied to the Horticulture Industry.

Working together to get more out of horticulture.

At your service

Hortiware tries as much as possible to reduce the cares and problems of its customers. One way in which this is achieved relates to the process and project management, and is realised by keeping communications lines short. This makes it possible to respond quickly. We have contact with a lot of suppliers, and are usually able to ‘sort something out’ very quickly.

Another way is through knowledge and expertise. We are happy to share what we know and have learned over all those years, so that we can come to tailored and high quality solutions. Let us think about how a product should be applied in your business, how we can implement its use and organise any necessary education for personnel.

Hortiware likes to remain involved after implemantion and sale. Then we can support you with defects, stock management and training.


Hortiware likes to think along with you. Do you have questions about cost savings or sustainability? Would you like advice about regulating temperature, air flow or lighting in your greenhouse? Or perhaps you are curious whether or not the Tom-System may be beneficial for your business and type of crop? For this type of questions we offer a helping. We are happy to visit your business and get to know your individual situation so that we can give tailored advice. Our network plays an important part here, we are supported by specialists, which ensures that we are always up to date with the trends, developments and possibilities in the Horticulture Sector.

Project management

We are always ready to guide you in the use of the products that you buy from us. You have one contact for advice, implementation and aftercare. The implemantation phase is important and we like to guide you through the introduction of a product and support you in the explanations and demonstrations to your employees. We give tips and tricks to achieve the best productivity levels. If you have questions concerning stocks or defects, you can of course contact us straight away, our service and guidance does not stop when a sale is made.


Hortiware offers diverse products to the horticulture industry. Standard solutions, but also tailor made solutions and sustainable alternatives. When you purchase a product you want to know for sure that the product fits in your organisation and that your employees can get started using it, that it saves costs and works efficiently. We offer you the opportunity to trial run a product. You can, for example, try out our Tom-System for a couple of weeks before you purchase it. We can also run trials on a segregated part of your greenhouse, to see what the outcomes and experiences are.

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